M.D. Jennings, Green Bay Packers

Andy McCloy & BCI helped me prepare for the 2011 NFL draft. Prior to working with Andy I had trouble gaining weight. In 8 weeks with Andy, I put on 17 pounds and i left BCI bigger, stronger, and faster. Since combine training, i have worked with Andy every offseason. At BCI, you will learn about proper rest, nutrition, and how to take care of your body in and out of the gym. Andy is a great trainer that can help anyone take their game and ability to the next level. #BCIWARRIOR

Frank Kearse, Washington Redskins

The training I received from BCI is incredible! Through the program I received a meal program that taught me healthy eating habits to lose weight the right way, while gaining muscle. Because I learned how to train with proper form, I saw an increase in my bench, squat, and deadlift weight. Something I never thought I could ever do especially since I disliked certain area’s of the weight room. I learned a great deal of information from Andy and the BCI crew, such as how effectively train smart and not beat the body down every workout. BCI does an amazing job motivating and encouraging me and all of their clients. I have gain an incredible amount of knowledge about training smart and eating healthy. The program is valuable and will give you the results you expect, if you truly dedicate your mind and body to become a better athlete. #BCIWARRIOR


Jamal Webb, Arizona Cardinals

I met Andy early last year through a recommendation from one of my past teammates. He had used Andy for NFL Combine Prep and advised me that it would be a good idea for me as well. In 8 short weeks we were able to improve all of my combine related numbers and I was well prepared for the NFL Combine. After the Combine I continued to train with Andy and BCI while preparing for my pro day and Draft day. I can say that any athlete will benefit from training at BCI. You will be educated and trained by people who really care about you and your results. #BCIWARRIOR

Johnny Baldwin, Detroit Lions

During my draft preparation, Andy taught me the things that I needed to know. Before coming to Andy I did not really know how to do most of the drills that I was going to have to perform on my pro day. Because of our dedication and attention to details on these tests, I weighed in at 232 pounds, ran the 40-yard dash in 4.59 seconds, had a 38-inch vertical, 10-4 broad jump and bench-pressed 225 pounds 28 times. Not only is Andy a dedicated trainer, but he is a great guy to be around. If you have the will to WORK and need the right guidance, LOOK NO FURTHER. Thanks Andy

James Newby, Kansas City Chiefs
Andy McCloy helped me prepare for the 2007 NFL Draft. WhenI started the program I was out of shape from not lifting weights and conditioning since the end of the season. Andy tailored the workouts to my needs and helped me achieve strength and speed levels I had never seen before. HIs workouts do not consist of crazy circus acts and you wont be using many machines, or crazy rotations. Everything he asks you to do has a specific purpose for your needs and goals. Andy is very good at explaining difficult things in a way that makes it easy to understand. Overall my experience with Andy and Body Creations, Inc. was very enjoyable. I got bigger, stronger, and faster during the program, but most importantly I found a good friend who cared about me throughout the process. Andy’s system and program is good for any athlete … High School to College, College to the Pros, or anywhere between.

Andy McCloy gave me the information I needed to make the right decisions about health and fitness. He helped me reach all of my goals. I’ve never been in better shape then when I was training regularly with Body Creations. Working with Andy gave me a lot more than a trainer, and an extremely motivating and informative coach. He was really in my corner. He always looked out for me, and always helped me do what I wanted to do, not what he wanted me to do.

John Davenport

I have trained and played at many different levels of football including a State Championship team at Homewood Highschool (5A) and a SEC Western Division championship team at Auburn University. I have trained for strength, speed and rehabilitation under numerous types of supervision ranging from school athletic trainers, physical therapists and college strength and conditioning coaches. Given my varied experience I feel I can tell a good program from a bad one and I believe I know what it takes to succeed in the area of athletic development. My experience with Andy McCloy has shown me that he has the ability to get premiere athletes ready for competition at elite levels as well as helping younger, less experienced athletes achieve their athletic goals on and off the field. He has not only helped me improve my strength, speed, flexibility, and athletic ability, but my overall health and wellness! I fully endorse Andy McCloy at all levels of athletic development and performance!

Cole Cubelic
Auburn University

My name is Brandon D. Johnson, and I am a 4 year starter at defensive end for Stillman College in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I was referred to Andy by a guy who worked out at a local gym who said that he specializes in training athletes. I gave him a call and the rest was history. Before he trained me I was 225lbs., running a 4.90 40-yard dash and could only bench press 225lbs 15 times. He trained me for two summers and I now weigh 242lbs. i’ve added a ton of muscle, clocked a 4.68 40-yard dash, and can rep 225lbs. 24 times. I also went from running with the pack in agility drills at school to LEADING the pack. Andy has not only helped me physically he has also helped me outside of training by giving me advice on life and business decisions. After the first month of working out with Andy I no longer considered him my trainer, but rather my best friend.

Brandon Johnson
Stillman College

With the help of Andy I was able to obtain my dream of playing college softball at Auburn University. He helped me to become a more powerful hitter and improved the strength in my upper body. Also with Andy’s workouts, I was able to become quicker and more explosive out of the box. One area where I needed to improve was my core strength and Andy helped me to develop that in a short time. Andy helped me become stronger mentally by pushing me beyond where I thought I could go.

Auburn Tiger Softball Player
Auburn University

Becoming a college football player is not an overnight occurance, it is a long process and every person’s is different. My personal story has one special chapter that has helped me more than any other. Andy McCloy wrote that chapter. The summer before heading off to Auburn University, I entrusted my physical preperation to Andy. I had gone through high school football workouts, running track, working with specialists, etc. Never had more time, energy, and personal attention been paid to my well-being than that summer with Andy. Andy not only knows what specialized lifts, stretches, and exercises to do to get athletes bigger, stronger, and faster, but he also incorporates nutrition and supplements for ultimate results. While others try similar methods, no one can offer close to what Andy can and certainly not with the personal attention that Andy offers. Andy drastically improved my speed, quickness, size, strength, and mental toughness all over the course of a summer. I would love to work with Andy again for a longer time to really see what he can do with me! I would recommend his program to anyone who is serious about getting into peak physical condition and looking for someone who will put his all into your goals.

Auburn University WR

When I came to Madison Academy 4 years ago, our players were weak and had little work ethic and discipline. Since then we have become a top 10 team with our defense ranking in the top of the state the past 2 years. I attribute this tremendous turnaround to Andy McCloy. Our players have made great strides mentally and physically. These gains all began with Andy and his ability to change kids. If you want speed, strength, and mental toughness, Andy is the ONLY guy I would turn to!!

Bryan Styles
Former Madison Academy High School Defensive Coordinator

I have been associated with Andy for about 4-5 years in the athletic enhancement field. His program has generated a level of strength and agility that is ideal for tennis. I have seen him take Alex Rafiee from a local state level player to a player that is competing on a national and international level. Andy is able to adapt to the athletes needs and develops his programs that are ideal for any sport. What I have seen him do in the tennis field has been remarkable. Andy has taken the tennis players that I work with to a professional level in regards to athletic enhancement.

Eddie Jacques
All-American Tennis player
University of Georgia

I am very pleased with the improvement that I have seen in my children’s strength and conditioning. I really appreciate that Andy continually changes the children’s workouts, so that they do not get bored. It always surprises me that they would be excited about getting up at 5:30am to workout three days a week. Andy always encourages them to do their best and takes a personal interest in the development of their sport. He has become not just a personal trainer, but their friend.

Dr. Paul McCrary

I first met Andy when I was preparing for my senior year in track and field. Prior to meeting Andy I had some success but I lacked the strength and power my competitors possessed. I was concentrating on the hammer throw my senior year and I needed a program that was event specific and that will allow me to achieve these gains in a short period of time. Immediately Andy designed a program that was conducive to my strength and fitness levels at the time. Even though Andy did not have a track background I was amazed in the keen interest he took into my development, and his ability to implement his unique style of strength and conditioning into a highly affective hammer throwing program. That year I won my conference and qualified for the NCAA regional championship. I improved my actual throw by 40feet and had tremendous strength gains. More importantly I have gained a great friend and mentor, through working with Andy. His open minded approach and down to earth demeanor makes working with him a great experience. Andy McCloy is by far one the most knowledgeable trainers I have had, and will be an asset to any athlete. His ability to curtail his workouts to meet each athletes needs is what makes him a great trainer. Andy has definitely had a positive impact on my life on and off the field. Thanks.

Gabriel Wilkinson
Bermudian National Track and Field Team
Level 1 Track and Field Coach

I started training with Andy 5 years ago when I was 12 years old. Im now 17 and am preparing to play my first professional tennis tournament. There is no way I would be where I am today mentally, physicaly, or personaly without his guidance and friendship.

Alex Rafiee “The Original Warrior”
Nationally ranked Tennis Player

Body Creations, Inc., Andy McCloy, and Joel Rivera has provided my son with the tools that have increased his physical skills tremendously as well as increased confidence. In addition, they have provided a great role model that has translated into all aspects of his life. He has undertaken the ethos that hard work and sweat in practice is what makes goals reachable. That is a life-long lesson that will be invaluable for him.

Steve Noojin
Father of Zach Noojin (enrolled in the youth Athletic Development Program)

** Due to NCAA regulations college athletes cannot endorse companies unless they’re non-profit organizations. So to avoid a possible suspension I have taken down some pictures and hidden certain identities. **