Body Creations Inc (BCI) Sports Performance Programs

BCI has been the leader and pioneer of Sports Performance based programs in the greater Huntsville and Madison Alabama area since 2001. Andy McCloy and BCI have been helping youth athletes improve their performance and on and off the field with their unique and comprehensive program. All programs begin with an a>ssessment of movement quality and performance indicators. The athletes will then receive specific training to address the weakness exposed during the assessment. Areas that will be addressed include: Movement Training, Injury reduction and prevention, Speed Training, Lateral and Reactive Agility, Strength, Power, Foot Speed, and Energy System Development (ESD). All Athletes will be supervised by BCI certified Coaches who will put them through a productive 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minute workout with the focus being on safe and sound execution of all tasks.


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BCI has programs to address athletes of all ages and skill sets. Your age and the results of you assessment will dictate your placement. Below is a list of our programs.

  • Development
    This program is for youth athletes in Elementary and Middle School. The Program addresses, Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power, Movement Training, Lateral and Reactive Agility, Energy System Development (ESD).
  • Acceleration
    This program is for youth athletes in Middle School and some High School Athletes. The Program addresses all of the same components as Development but is progressed for older and more physically mature athletes, Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power, Movement Training, Lateral and Reactive Agility, Energy System Development (ESD) will be addressed.
  • High School College Elite
    Evaluation dictates placement as in all other groups. Flexibility, Mobility, Stability, Strength, Power, Movement Training, Lateral and Reactive Agility, Energy System Development (ESD) will be addressed. This program is very advanced and you must pass an extensive evaluation to qualify. This program has been a game changer for many athletes helping them attain their goals of playing college sports and even reaching the professional levels.
  • Professional Athlete Training
    Please call for information. This program fills up fast and is the ONLY program of its type in the entire Huntsville/Madison, Alabama area! Every year professional athletes travel from all over the country to participate in this program!
  • Youth Summer Training Camp
    This program is designed for ages 9-13, your athlete will be organized by age into groups and participate in a fun, challenging and progressive program designed to improve: Explosive Power, Strength, Speed, Reactive Agility, Mental Toughness, Confidence, Body Composition, and Injury Prevention


The Daily Training Session

BCI training sessions cover all bases and needs of athletes. Below we will explain some of the details:

SPEED TRAINING: Linear and Lateral running mechanics, Acceleration, Deceleration, Foot quickness

POWER TRAINING: Medicine ball throws and tosses, jump training /proper jumping and landing technique, Plyometrics, Olympic Lifting

STRENGTH: All athletes will learn the 6 Primal Movement Patters: Squat, Lunge/Step, Push, Pull, Bend/Hinge, Twist/Ant-Rotation. All movement patterns are progressed and regressed according to the athletes skill set.

CORE TRAINING: We use many methods to address the core. We consider the core the entire area from torso to the hips. We will rarely perform crunches and we will teach you how to develop a bulletproof core by way of proper breathing, bracing, and anti flexion/ rotation based movements. Our core training programs are scientifically proven and do much more than just make your abs sore.

FLEXIBILITY/MOBILITY/STABILTY: The assessment and evaluation we use will identify what needs you have in regards to flexibility, stability and mobility. Just doing some stretching and a dynamic warm up wont get it done. We have specific corrective strategies in place to address the movement dysfunction associated with these problems.

INJURY REDUCTION AND PREVENTION: From our daily R.A.M.P to our corrective strategies and exercise selection we provide an environment that ensures all of our athletes can step on the field knowing they have are well balanced and ready to take on the competition.

CONDITIONING: Your child will receive specific Energy System Development (ESD) Training based on the sport they play and their needs.

RECOVERY/REGENERATION: We teach our athletes how to take care of their bodies on a daily basis with specific regeneration methods. We give practical nutrition strategies and recommendations, as well as advise to athletes on how to avoid and limit other stressors that affect human and Sport Performance.