Fight For Ansley

BCI is getting in the FIGHT!  We want to help Ansley Kick Cancers butt!  When I heard about this story we had to find a way to get involved!  Our way of doing that is by hosting a charity bootcamp in her honor!  All details are below!  We want this to be a huge event!  We plan to have a DJ on site and raise a ton of money for Ansley’s cause!  If you’d like to register or make a donation contact me directly!

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Jordan Matthews Drafted By Philadelphia Eagles

Jordan Matthews was drafted #42 overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Draft. As many of you know Jordan has been a long time client and supporter of BCI. I started training him his 8th grade summer and was fortunate enough to get to train him regularly over the last 7-8 yrs! Over that time I have watched him grow from boy to man, and from a 2 star recruit to a superstar setting SEC records in both receiving yards and catches! Watching Jordan get drafted live on TV was the highlight of my 13 year career training athletes and a day I will remember forever. I cant wait to see him play in the NFC EAST! Playing in Chip Kelly’s dynamic system is going to be a great opportunity for Jordan and I know he will seize the opportunity!  Read more…

Rolando McClain Update

Mr. Sports at Madison Weekly News recently wrote an article on Rolando McClain.  I was able to train Rolando once when he first moved to Madison.  Nice to see him overcome things and get another shot.  I truly believe he has the ability to be a great player in this league despite his time away from the game.


2014 Summer Training Camp

The BCI Summer Speed and Agility camp will be hosted by Andy McCloy and the Body Creations Sports Performance staff. Designed for ages 9-13, your athlete will be organized by age into groups and participate in a fun, challenging and progressive program designed to improve:

  • Explosive Power
  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Reactive Agility
  • Mental Toughness
  • Confidence
  • Body Composition
  • Injury Prevention

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Programs and 2014 Schedule

Learn about our Sports Performance Programs and 2014 Schedule.

BCI has been the leader and pioneer of Sports Performance based programs in the greater Huntsville and Madison Alabama area since 2001. Andy McCloy and BCI have been helping youth athletes improve their performance on and off the field with their unique and comprehensive program. All programs begin with an assessment of movement quality and performance indicators. The athletes will then receive specific training to address the weakness exposed during the assessment. Areas that will be addressed include: Movement Training, Injury reduction and prevention, Speed Training, Lateral and Reactive Agility, Strength, Power, Foot Speed, and Energy System Development (ESD). All Athletes will be supervised by BCI certified Coaches who will put them through a productive 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minute workout with the focus being on safe and sound execution of all tasks.



NFL Athletes in Town to Train

Dezman Moses of the Green Bay Packers, Jordan Berstein of the Washington Redskins, and Frank Kearse of the Carolina Panthers were recently in town for a workout with BCI. We love having these guys around. Hard work and positive energy is what they give every day. #BCIFamily #BCIWarriors

BCI Warrior – M.D. Jennings

Andy McCloy & BCI helped me prepare for the 2011 NFL draft. Prior to working with Andy I had trouble gaining weight. In 8 weeks with Andy, I put on 17 pounds and i left BCI bigger, stronger, and faster. Since combine training, i have worked with Andy every offseason. At BCI, you will learn about proper rest, nutrition, and how to take care of your body in and out of the gym. Andy is a great trainer that can help anyone take their game and ability to the next level. #BCIWARRIOR

M.D. Jennings, Green Bay Packers

Training With a Purpose

Andy McCloy of Body Creations, Inc. was recently featured in the story “Training with a Purpose” by WHNT-19 Huntsville. Alabama.

BCI Video – 66″ Box Jump

High school football player David Norris nails a multi-step double leg 66 inch box jump.

BCI Video – Box Squat

Hockey player smashes 335 lbs x 3 on the box squat.

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