Body Creations, Inc (BCI) and Andy McCloy provide a wide range of Strength Training and Performance Enhancement services to the greater Huntsville, Alabama area. We train athletes of all ages and sports including football, basketball, baseball, mixed martial arts (MMA), wrestling, soccer, softball, and golf. Andy McCloy has worked with literally hundreds of athletes ranging from middle and high school to the Professional levels, including the NFL and Arena Football Leagues. Our speed camp has allowed athletes of all ages and skill sets to drastically improve their Speed, Agility, and Quickness (SAQ).

We are dedicated to helping athletes achieve athletic excellence. We provide our clients with a systematic and comprehensive training system that is guaranteed to get results! Your goals are our goals! By educating athletes on our philosophy and the “training process” we are able to arm them with tools they need in order to become better athletes.

Our Philosophy is based on years of research, application, and time spent “Under the Bar”. We don’t just talk it, we walk it! There are certain fundamental truths regarding Athletic Enhancement. The “Industry” has led most to believe that anyone with a ladder, a parachute and some fancy gadgets can improve an athletes performance. This is simply NOT true! We are dedicated to providing our clients with the TRUTH!

Below you will find our Wheel of Conditioning. To understand how this concept explains our philosophy on athletic development think of the construction of a giant wheel. If a spoke is not evenly developed the wheel will not be balanced and therefore will not roll or move efficiently. On the other hand if all “spokes” are developed evenly, the wheel will roll smooth, FAST, and efficient … exactly how you want to be on the court, field, mat, ice or any other playing surface. To take our wheel concept one step further you have to understand that without something anchoring or grounding the spokes down in the middle the wheel simply does NOT work or roll at all! We instill DEDICATION, DESIRE, and DISCIPLINE in all of our athletes ensuring their success.

Subjects like General Physical Preparation (GPP) and Specific Physical Preparation (SPP) are explained in full detail during our FREE CONSULTATION. Contact us NOW so you can begin to learn how BCI and Andy McCloy can help you accomplish all of your Strength Training and Performance Enhancement goals!